Slot Machine Inspired by a Wild Invasion

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Here at 888casino, you can play the popular Wild Invasion slot machine game by Random Logic/Section 8 Studios. It wasn’t a guess! In this game, human beings face up against extraterrestrial invaders in an effort to save Earth. For millennia, we’ve worried that aliens will eventually set up shop on Earth; now we know it’s already happened. In this analysis of Wild Invasion, we’ll teach you the skills you’ll need to fight for humanity’s very existence. There is nothing more at risk here than what you see before you. You’ll be fighting alongside seasoned warriors in a fierce battle where both sides will launch an unending amount of assaults. Don’t worry, greenhorn, we’ll shorten your learning curve to get you ready for this life-or-death mission. There is no room for error.

Slot machine game Wild Invasion is the real deal. There are 5 reels, 7 rows, and 60 paylines in all. There’s a lot of land to cover, and the aliens’ advanced weapons give them the upper hand in the air. We must thwart their plans immediately using every methods at our disposal. You’ll be in the correct state of mind to wage war on these strange alien invaders thanks to the ethereal backdrop of space trash, jungle vines, and a bizarre light. Like the classic 1980s Atari game “Space Invaders,” “Wild Invasion” slots puts you in charge of defending Earth from alien invaders. You’ve been given leadership, and preparations for the greatest fight of our time are well underway. This thrilling slot machine game has a Daily Jackpot that will be awarded before time runs out. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!


You’re the final line of defense in case the invading invaders launch a full-scale assault. But it’s not all bad news; those being fired at are Kings, Queens, Aces, and Jacks, not hideous alien-looking monsters. First, decide how much you want to wager. To adjust your wager, use the plus and minus signs to the left and right of the ‘Bet’ button. Alter your wager until your money supports your desired level of risk. Just right; neither too much nor too little. You should dish out as much damage as possible to the enemy within your slots budget. The next step is to press the yellow circular arrow ‘Spin’ button, which will cause the 5 reels, 7 rows, and 60 fixed paylines to spin rapidly.

The scene is littered with both high- and low-value symbols. You will be completely protected from the very first spin to the very last. 888casino has your support through thick and thin. The aliens come in a variety of colors: yellow, blue, green, and pink. If one fails to hit the most important objectives, one may always go for the face cards or another low-priority target. In a moment, we’ll discuss these more. Right now, you should be concentrating on finishing your war preparations so that you may play the Wild Invasion slot machine game without any problems. Wild Invasion, a Daily Jackpot slot machine game, also creates colossal-style symbols that can rise over numerous rows. The Singularity and Wild element symbols will be unveiled to you shortly. Harness up! Nothing has even begun to happen…

It’s time to get your wild on in the online slot game Wild Invasion.

Different Symbols Have Different Payouts

Valued Symbols

ETs in Green

Alien Blues

Alien Pink

Alien invaders

Cheap Symbols





With 60 active fixed lines, players have a large number of winning permutations to choose from.

Wild Invasion Slots’ Unique Features

Special touches abound in Wild Invasion. The aliens in yellow, blue, pink, and green can come together to produce combos with enormous payouts. The high-paying symbols can form in a column, stacked, in any number of positions from two to six. The suits of Ace, King, Queen, and Jack may produce stacked combinations, too, without resorting to a supersized icon. Free Spins, sometimes known as Singularity Free Spins, give players the chance to spin till their arms fall off. If three or more Scatters appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, you might win up to ten of them! While the Free Spins Round is active, additional free spins may be granted. These begin shortly before the Free Spins round and need the same wager.

A molten W stands in for the Wild symbol. It can help complete winning combinations by standing in for any symbol other than the Singularity Scatter. While wilds can appear stacked in the main game and free spins, they cannot form giant stacks. Let the games begin! During either the Free Spins or the Main Game, the Wild Invasion feature might randomly appear. Only reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 may trigger this bonus round.

Finally, we should highlight the daily jackpot. Players at 888casino are the only ones who may take advantage of the daily progressive jackpot provided by Random Logic/Section 8 Studios. Before the clock runs out, the networked games will all pay out their respective jackpots. Every player who wagers real money on a qualifying game has a shot at earning a share of the jackpot. Your potential payout is proportional to the magnitude of your stake. As time ticks by, your chances of hitting the jackpot rise. You may be the next mega-money Daily Jackpot Winner in Wild Invasion slot if you manage to save Earth in the nick of time.


Going it alone against a coordinated extraterrestrial invasion is difficult, but not impossible. Our technology has been stepped up to ensure that we can keep up with these aliens no matter where they travel. It’s ready for action on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Play the Wild Invasion slot machine game on the go by downloading the app for Android or iOS. The go-ahead has been given to play Wild Invasion slot on the go.

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