TVBET: Mobile gaming revenues will reach 60% by 2025

The usage of mobile devices for gambling is not likely to slow down in the coming years. Vlad Horianskyi, chief marketing officer at TVBET, has recommended both bookies and casinos to focus on developing mobile offerings as technology advances.

Mobile gaming allows players to play casino games on the move, and with the advancement of mobile technology, players no longer need to worry about lack of internet or network connectivity.

In 2017, barely 10% of users used their phones to gamble. According to a research by the European Gaming and Betting Association and H2 Gaming Capital, mobile devices would produce 45.6% of digital gambling income by 2020.

Experts predict that by 2022, mobile traffic will surpass PC traffic for the first time, reaching 51.8%. This trend will continue, and by 2025, mobile gaming earnings will account for 58.2% of all online gambling revenues.

The number of gamblers utilizing mobile devices to access gaming businesses will expand, as will their time spent on cellphones.

Thus, mobile technologies are getting more inexpensive and more usable; even slots with 3D graphics or live games may operate uninterrupted and without quality degradation.

TVBET thinks that bookmakers and online casinos must develop mobile-friendly goods and services. In this sense, the live game provider ensures mobile compatibility.

TVBET goods with betting mechanics are now available on over 400 websites worldwide, and our mobile games are also selling well.

Our iFrame allows us to customise our games to both desktop and mobile users. This assures gamers may access all 12 live games.

The amount of punters putting bets on our games from smartphones demonstrates our mobile-adapted games’ commercial success. The TVBET technological infrastructure also enables for flawless game play.

Our success is attributed to American broadcasting equipment and workstations, expert understanding of high-end 3D animation, green screen keying technology for realistic 3D scenery and intricate animation, full HD broadcasts, and two separate high-speed internet connections with backup channels.

The mobile TVBET iFrame also saves all live betting features. The user interface is intuitive.

So mobile users will have no problems betting on TVBET games. It’s all done to keep up with the times and the players’ interests.

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